Cancer Rehabilitation

Emma Salmon is our Cancer Rehabilitative Physiotherapist and has completed further study in the PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Programme.

This programme is a personalised treatment suitable for any man or woman, to help them reduce further discomfort and disability during their Cancer journey. It can provide vital support for those currently in stages of active Cancer treatment and also their recovery. There is potential funding available as well as grants for those in times of financial hardship. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about how Cancer Rehab can help in your recovery.

Here are some words from the Team at PINC & STEEL:

'PINC & STEEL are here to support, guide and rehabilitate people through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

PINC & STEEL is more than just helping people after cancer, it is about giving hope, strength and courage. This is who we are. We have helped thousands of people to date and we will continue to help thousands more.

There are now more people surviving a cancer diagnosis, but they can face an increased risk of extended health problems, premature mortality and harsh side effects from their treatment.

PINC & STEEL is really passionate about helping people navigate the difficult world of cancer treatment so they can minimise the side effects of the treatments and encourage them to have the best quality of life they can.

The treatments are tough but are more manageable when people know what to expect and are given good advise on all the things they can do to maximise their own recovery and help them take positive steps for their future health and wellbeing.'


At Full Circle Physiotherapy we believe it is imperative that we spend as much time with a client as is needed to gain a comprehensive picture, to work with them and formulate the best treatment plan going forward. Therefore we have a range of different appointments that suit a variety of conditions that we see. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may require a 75, 60 or 45 minute appointment and subsequently a different rate will apply.