At Full Circle Physiotherapy we value the time spent with a client and the importance of a client feeling heard and understood.

We believe it is essential that we spend as much time with a client as is NEEDED to gain a better understanding of their issue, work with them and then formulate the best treatment plan going forward. ​We have a range of different appointments that suit a variety of conditions that we see and depending on the nature of the problem. Due to this you may require a 75, 60 or 45 minute appointment and subsequently a different rate will apply.

​Regarding Pelvic Health Appointments

A fully comprehensive initial appointment is vital for any pelvic health complaint. Pelvic health can have many factors contributing to its symptoms and so we allow 75 minutes to get a thorough picture of how we can help. This includes an assessment of your musculoskeletal system including your range of movement, breathing patterns, trunk control/abdomen as well as your pelvic floor. This will usually involve an internal assessment (if you are happy with this) but this is completely within your control. It also includes treatment, advice/education and a home exercise program to follow. A 60 minute follow-up appointment allows more time for complex conditions as well as a post-birth assessment for existing clients, whom we have seen during pregnancy or previously.​ All follow-up appointment includes a review of your symptoms/condition, re-assessment, treatment and home exercise progamme to follow.

To pay for your treatment, we can accept eftpos, cash and internet bank transfer but unfortunately no credit card facilities are available.

​Please note, if you are not able to attend your appointment we require a minimum of 24 hours notice or a 50% appointment fee charge will be applied.

Emma Perks - Lead Physiotherapist (MSK & Pelvic Health)

Pelvic Health Assessment - 75 minutes $190

Pelvic Health Follow-Up - 60 minutes $160

​Pelvic Health Follow-Up - 45 minutes $120

Private Pregnancy-related, Musculoskeletal Appointment - 45 minutes $120

ACC Pregnancy-related, Musculoskeletal Appointment - 45 minutes $75

​* Pelvic Health treatment under an ACC claim can only be booked if there has confirmation from ACC prior to the appointment.

Emma Salmon - Senior Physiotherapist (MSK & Cancer Rehab)

ACC Musculoskeletal Assessment/Follow-Up - 45 minutes $45

ACC Musculoskeletal Follow-Up 30 minutes $30

Private Musculoskeletal Assessment/Follow-Up - 45 minutes $90

Private Musculoskeletal Follow-Up - 30 minutes $60

Cancer Rehab Assessment - 60 minutes $120

Cancer Rehab Follow-Up - 45 minutes $90


Additional Fees

There will be a small charge for any products used during your treatment where required such as tape, acupuncture needles, theraband and electrodes. You will always be informed of these charges before used in treatment.